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CreateWeddingSite Terms of Use

Updated: December 25, 2012

These Terms of Use ("Agreement") describe the terms and conditions (the "Terms") applicable to your use of the services of CreateWeddingSite, Inc. ("CreateWeddingSite" or "We"), available at CreateWeddingSite.com (the "Site"). By using the Site, you signify your acceptance of these Terms. If you do not agree to these terms, please do not use this Site. We reserve the right to amend these Terms from time to time without notice. All modified terms and conditions shall take effect immediately after posting to the CreateWeddingSite Website. We encourage you to review this page periodically because any changes will be binding on you. This Agreement may not be modified, amended, and/or changed by you in any manner; however, you may choose to terminate your membership at your choosing. This Agreement is effective on November 9, 2008 for all users.

1. CreateWeddingSite is a Neutral Venue. CreateWeddingSite is an innovative community and marketplace for the wedding industry. CreateWeddingSite is not a wedding product or service provider, wedding vendor or an agent representative. CreateWeddingSite members ("Members") include prospective brides and grooms, newlyweds and their Wedding guests (collectively, Wedding Members") and companies and other third parties offering products and services related to Weddings ("Vendor Members"). We and the Site function solely as a neutral venue and digital clearinghouse where Wedding Members and Vendor Members may connect for a particular type of service or product. We are not involved in or a party to the actual transaction between Members. As a result, We have no control over the quality, accuracy, safety, or legality of the transactions that take place on our Website, the accuracy of listings, or the ability of Wedding Vendors to provide items or services and we are not responsible for the actions or inactions of Wedding Members or Vendor Members.

Wedding Members: You acknowledge the following: CreateWeddingSite does not provide any of the products or services advertised or offered by

Vendor Members: We do not endorse any Vendor Member, nor do We guarantee the quality of their goods or services. Any and all communications, correspondence, verbal or written, or any warranties or representations, made with regard to products and services offered through the CreateWeddingSite venue are not provided by us and are specifically and solely between you and the Vendor Member. Any transaction you enter into with a Vendor Member is strictly between you and the Vendor Member, and CreateWeddingSite is not a party to that transaction. Any dispute you have with a Vendor Member is between you and the Vendor Member, and We will not be a party to that dispute.

We use techniques to help verify the identity of Wedding Vendors when they register for memberships on our Site; however, CreateWeddingSite cannot and will not guarantee each service provider's identity; nor can we guarantee their capabilities. We have implemented a user-managed feedback system to help you evaluate Vendor Members with whom you are considering transacting business. In addition, We cannot guarantee that information provided by or about Vendor Members on the Site is accurate. You should use CreateWeddingSite as a starting point for identifying vendors to provide the products and services you need for your wedding, then conduct your own research to ensure that vendors you choose to do business with are appropriate for you. You acknowledge that participation in certain programs, when and if available, may under certain circumstances result in Vendor Members receiving contact information for you in accordance with the terms and conditions governing these programs.

Vendor Members: You acknowledge the following: CreateWeddingSite will not endorse you or your products or services. We are in no way responsible for assisting you in reaching an agreement with Wedding Members; nor are We responsible for assisting you in providing goods and services to Wedding Members. While all Wedding Members are required to give us accurate information about themselves, We cannot and will not verify this information or guarantee the ability of Wedding Members to complete payment for any of the products or services you provide. Any transaction you enter into with a Wedding Member is strictly between you and the Wedding Member, and CreateWeddingSite is not a party to that transaction. Any dispute you have with a Wedding Member is between you and the Wedding Member, and We will not be a party to that dispute.

2. Membership. Membership to CreateWeddingSite is available only to entities and individuals at least 18 years of age who can form legally binding contracts under applicable law. Our services are not available to minors or to temporarily or indefinitely suspended Members. Membership in CreateWeddingSite is void where prohibited. Your CreateWeddingSite membership may not be transferred or sold to another party. If you are registering as a business entity, you represent that you have the authority to bind the entity to this Agreement. If you are registering as an individual, you represent and warrant that you are at least 18 years of age and are able to enter into a legally binding contract. Members who engage in the sale of goods and services must have a valid business operations license, as applicable. By joining CreateWeddingSite, you agree to (i) provide us with accurate, complete information about yourself and to update this information as needed; (ii) abide by all of the terms and conditions of this Agreement (iii) safeguard your username and password; and (iv) be responsible for all activity of your membership account. In addition, in the event you contact CreateWeddingSite via telephone, you understand, acknowledge and agree that such phone conversations may be recorded.

3. Prohibited Activities.Visitors to and Members of the Site may not:

- Create an account in another's name

- Create more than one account

- Use another's account

- Impersonate another person or entity

- Use the Site to break the law or applicable regulations, encourage others to do so, or offer instructions on how to do so - Offer to provide products or services that violate any applicable law, statute, ordinance or regulation (collectively "Laws"), or offer any products or services in a manner that violates any Laws

- Collect or harvest information about Site Members, including but not limited to use of robots, spiders, or similar means

- Use information on the Site to send unsolicited email to Members

- Do anything that interferes with or places an undue burden on the Site (as determined by CreateWeddingSite in our sole discretion)

- Use the Site if your membership has been temporarily or permanently suspended or revoked

- Violate any terms of this Agreement

4. Additional Terms and Conditions. You acknowledge and agree that We have the sole discretion to set forth and post additional terms and conditions for your use of the Website at various places throughout the Site. You agree that those additional terms and conditions shall be considered an effective amendment to this Agreement and said terms and conditions shall be incorporated herein. Furthermore, you expressly agree that if there is any conflict between those additional terms and conditions and the Terms set forth herein, the Terms set forth herein shall govern.

5. Unpaid Fees. If, for any reason, any fees you owe CreateWeddingSite have not been received or in any manner realized by CreateWeddingSite ("Unpaid Fees"), you agree to pay such Unpaid Fees immediately. In addition, CreateWeddingSite may charge interest, in the amount of 2.0% per month (or the maximum amount allowed by law), on any unpaid account balance that you maintain. Any partial payments made by Members will first be applied to the most recent fees owed to CreateWeddingSite, including interest. CreateWeddingSite reserves the right to waive or change our fees, penalties, or interest at any time. You also agree to pay any attorney fees, and other costs of collection incurred by us with respect to any Unpaid Fees. You also consent and authorize us, in our sole discretion, to make appropriate reports to credit reporting agencies, financial institutions, tax agencies and law enforcement authorities, and cooperate with them in any resulting investigation or prosecution.

6. Protection of Intellectual Property Content. The CreateWeddingSite Site contains or uses copyrighted material, inventions, know how, potentially patentable business method material, design logos, phrases, names, logos, HTML code and/or other computer code and/or scripts (collectively, "Intellectual Property Content"), all of which, unless otherwise indicated and/or provided pursuant to a third party license, are our sole property, and We retain all appurtenant rights, interests and title thereto. We also claim ownership rights under the copyright and trademark laws with regard to the "look", "feel", "appearance" and "graphic function" of this Site, including but not limited to its color combinations, sounds, layouts and designs. You agree and acknowledge that your use of this Site does not confer upon you any license or permission to use our (or any third party's) Intellectual Property Content. You shall not reproduce, modify, display, sell, or distribute the Intellectual Property Content, including but not limited to Submitted Information (as defined below) contributed by you or any other Member, or use our Intellectual Property Content in any other way for public or commercial purposes. All other trademarks, service marks and copyrights are held by their rightful owners. You may not frame or link to the Site without our prior written permission.

The Site contains trademarks, trade names, trade dress, service marks, domain names or other indicia of ownership (collectively the "Marks") owned or licensed for use by us, including but not limited to CREATEWEDDINGSITE and the CreateWeddingSite logo. Unless otherwise agreed to in writing, you agree that no right, property, license, permission or interest of any kind in or to the Marks is or is intended to be given or transferred to or acquired by you pursuant to the execution, performance or non-performance of this Agreement or any part thereof. You shall in no way contest or deny the validity of, our right of title to or license of use for, the Marks, and you shall not encourage or assist others directly or indirectly to do so, during the lifetime of this Agreement and thereafter. You shall not utilize the Marks or any similar marks in any manner that would diminish their value or harm their reputation. You shall not use or register any domain name, trademark or service mark that is identical to or similar to any of the Marks.

7. Disputes Among Members; Release. You are solely responsible for your interactions with other CreateWeddingSite Members, and We are not party to any such disputes. We reserve the right, but have no obligation, to monitor disputes between you and other Members. You agree to release CreateWeddingSite, its officers, directors, agents, and employees from all claims, demands and damages (actual and consequential) of any kind and nature, known and unknown, suspected and unsuspected, disclosed and undisclosed, arising out of or in any way connected with any disputes between you and any other CreateWeddingSite Members.

8. Information You Submit. The Site offers the opportunity for Members to share information with other Members through message boards as part of the CreateWeddingSite Community (the "Community"), Vendor Member advertisements and listings, and other means (any information submitted to the Site through any of these means, "Submitted Information"). By using these functions, you agree to abide by the terms of this Agreement. Members are solely responsible for the content of their Submitted Information. Our Site acts as a passive conduit for any and all communication and/or distribution of information, and We do not control the Submitted Information of CreateWeddingSite Members. We cannot and will not evaluate and We are not responsible for the accuracy, reliability, completeness, veracity or suitability of any Submitted Information or for verifying the identity of the submitting Member. Like any information you obtain through the Internet, you should verify Submitted Information before acting upon it. CreateWeddingSite is not responsible for any losses you may incur as a result of relying on Submitted Information, even if We were advised of the possibility of such losses.

By posting Submitted Information to any part of the Site, you automatically grant, and you represent and warrant that you have the right to grant, to CreateWeddingSite an irrevocable, perpetual, non-exclusive, transferable, fully-paid-up, royalty-free, worldwide license (with the right to sublicense at multiple levels) to use, copy, publicly perform, publicly display, reformat, translate, excerpt (in whole or in part) and distribute such Submitted Information for any purpose and in any format on or in connection with the Site, the CreateWeddingSite business, or the promotion thereof, to prepare derivative works of, or incorporate into other works, such Submitted Information, and to grant and authorize sublicenses of the foregoing. You may remove your Submitted Information from the Site at any time; however you acknowledge that CreateWeddingSite may retain archived copies of your Submitted Information and may continue to use your Submitted Information in connection with any materials that were created prior to your removal of your Submitted Information, in accordance with the license described above.

Furthermore, by posting Submitted Information, you expressly represent and warrant the following: (i) you are the owner, with all appurtenant rights thereto, of any and all communication, content and/or information that you post on the Site; or (ii) you are the legitimate and rightful grantee of a worldwide, royalty free, perpetual, irrevocable, sub-licensable, non-exclusive license to use, distribute, reproduce and distribute such communication, content and/or information. You agree that your Submitted Information:

- Will not contain your personal information

- Will not contain another person's personal information or otherwise invade another's privacy

- Will not violate or possibly cause us to violate any applicable law, statute, ordinance or regulation

- Will not violate the terms of this Agreement

- Will not infringe any third party's intellectual property rights including but not limited to copyright, patent or trademark rights

- Will not contain obscene, lewd, or suggestive content and or pornography

- Will not be libelous, threatening, harassing, racist, or defamatory. This specifically includes making legal claims of any sort about CreateWeddingSite employees, agents, other members, or the Site

- Will not contain the proprietary information of another person or entity

- Will not contain any computer hardware or software, viruses, Trojan horses, worms, spyware, or any other computer programming that may interfere with the operation of our Site or our systems and or create or impose a large burden or load on our Site or systems

- Will not scan or test the vulnerability or security of our Site or the system within which it operates- Will not be used for commercial or public purposes outside of the requirements of this Agreement

- Will not create liability for CreateWeddingSite in any manner whatsoever

- Will not involve the upload, or insertion of, any programming language or code into or onto, our Site

You further agree not to impersonate another Member or attempt to disguise or conceal the author of any Submitted Information. We reserve the absolute right, but do not have the obligation, to remove or restrict any Submitted Information for any reason or no reason at all, including but not limited to Submitted Information you post to the Site that is in violation of this Agreement or is otherwise inappropriate, as determined in CreateWeddingSite's sole discretion. In addition, we reserve the right to terminate Members who violate these rules.

You agree to use common sense and good judgment when conducting or posting any online communication or distribution of information. You assume legal responsibility for and will indemnify us from, all damages incurred as a result of any of your Submitted Information. 9. Rating and Review Disputes. If you undermine the integrity of our Rating and Review system in any way, your membership may be suspended or terminated. You acknowledge that your Rating and Review ("feedback") consists of opinions left by other CreateWeddingSite members and a machine calculated feedback score. You further acknowledge that CreateWeddingSite does not make judgments on the veracity of opinions or statements.

Feedback Rules:

1. Members may only leave one feedback item per unique transaction, whether positive, neutral, or negative, for any other Vendor Member.

2. Member must have contracted business with the Vendor Member and the event must have occurred whereby the Vendor Member participated in the event, except in cases defined below.

3. By submitting feedback, you agree that feedback is subject to compliance audit by the CreateWeddingSite Compliance Team at any time. Any feedback item investigated by the CreateWeddingSite Compliance Team may be temporarily or permanently removed.

In order to protect the integrity of the Rating and Review system, CreateWeddingSite will only consider removing a feedback item under the following scenarios:

1. If feedback posted contains language that is profane, vulgar, racist or contains adult material.

2. If CreateWeddingSite is provided with a ruling or settlement agreement from a valid and certified dispute resolution service, or is provided with a court order finding that the feedback is slanderous, libelous, defamatory or otherwise illegal or the court order requires removal.

3. If feedback posted makes any reference to actions taken or purported to be taken by CreateWeddingSite or any law enforcement organization

4. If feedback posted seeks to elicit or solicit any Member's contact information, such as other Member email addresses, for any non-CreateWeddingSite related commercial or business purposes, or to transmit any unsolicited advertising, "junk mail," "spam," or "chain letters"

5. If the member who left feedback cannot be reached by CreateWeddingSite to validate the business contract within six months from the date CreateWeddingSite attempts to contact such member as part of the dispute process.

6. If feedback contains personally identifiable information of other members, personnel of Vendor Members or any other person. Personally identifiable information includes, but is not limited to, full names, date of birth, physical addresses, email addresses, credit card numbers, social security numbers or any other identification number provided by a government.

10. Fraud. CreateWeddingSite may suspend or terminate your account if We suspect that you have engaged in fraudulent activity in connection with our Site, as determined in our sole discretion. Fraudulent acts include, but are not limited to, the manipulation of the Rating and Review System.

11. Manipulating Ratings and Reviews - You acknowledge and agree that the Site is a neutral venue and that all transactions for services are made by and between you and other Members only and, therefore, We cannot, do not and will not make any comments on behalf of you or your services. As a consequence, you acknowledge that the key component and integrity of the Site is the ability of Members to leave Rating and Review about you and/or your services (whether positive, neutral or negative) AND for other Members to read and evaluate those feedback reviews and make voluntary choices based upon that feedback. Therefore, in order to preserve the key component and integrity of the Site, you shall NOT:

- Attempt to restrict in any way a Member's right to post a review, by contract or otherwise;

- Offer a Member a bribe in any form in exchange for a more favorable review;

- Post and/or cut and paste and/or copy the content of a Member feedback review from the Site to your own personal or business site, to any other third party Web site and/or to or on any of your own personal, business or third-party marketing/advertising materials, regardless of the form;

- Attempt to gain feedback by receiving multiple feedback from the same member;

- Post or attempt to post, in any manner or by any means, a feedback review on your own account; or

- Misrepresent or impersonate another Member.

12. Privacy. Please see our Privacy Policy to learn about how we treat information We gather from you. Please be aware that Members, including Vendor Members, are not bound by our Privacy Policy except as specified therein. Therefore, you should carefully safeguard your personal information and check with Member Vendors to see how they treat information they gather from you.

13. Right to Reject or Remove Members. We reserve the absolute right to reject your participation, or remove you from your current participation, in the CreateWeddingSite Site at any time and for any reason or for no reason and without notice to you. Actions that may result in the rejection or removal of your participation can include, but are not limited to: any violation of the Terms of this Agreement; your creation, maintenance and/or management of more than one account; your non-payment in full any Unpaid Fees; any attempt by you to improperly influence, or cause another to improperly influence the feedback of Members; or any attempt by you to harass, or cause another to harass, or have inappropriate communications with a Member.

14. Submissions. We always want to receive messages and feedback from CreateWeddingSite members and welcome any comments regarding the Site. However, please be aware that any ideas, suggestions comments or proposals you send to CreateWeddingSite (collectively, "Submissions") are non-confidential, shall become the sole property of CreateWeddingSite, and you hereby assign all right, title and interest in such Submissions. To the extent Submissions cannot be assigned to CreateWeddingSite, you hereby grant and agree to grant to CreateWeddingSite all rights needed for CreateWeddingSite to incorporate and commercialize the Submissions at no charge or encumbrance to CreateWeddingSite and you agree that CreateWeddingSite may disclose the Submissions to any third party in any manner and you agree that CreateWeddingSite has the ability to sublicense all Submissions in any form to any third party without restriction. CreateWeddingSite shall own all rights therein, including all intellectual property rights. CreateWeddingSite shall be entitled to use and/or disseminate the Submissions in any manner and for any purpose whatsoever, commercial or otherwise, without compensation or credit to you.

15. Remedies. Remedies for use of our Site that violate this Agreement include, but are not limited to, the immediate termination of your membership, notifying our Members of your actions, issuing a warning (including a public warning), temporarily suspending your membership, and monetary compensation. and injunctive.


17. Links to Other Sites This Site may contain links to other sites which are provided solely as a convenience to you, or which are provided by other Members. CreateWeddingSite is not responsible for the availability of external sites or resources linked to the Site, and does not endorse and is not responsible or liable for any content, advertising, products or other materials on or available from such sites or resources. Transactions that occur between you and such third-party sites are strictly between you and the third party and are not the responsibility of CreateWeddingSite. Because CreateWeddingSite is not responsible for the availability or accuracy of these outside resources or their contents, you should review the terms and conditions and privacy policies of these linked sites, as their policies may differ from ours.

18. Security. CreateWeddingSite uses industry standard practices to safeguard your personal information, including firewalls and Secure Socket Layers. We utilize several different security techniques to protect data from unauthorized access, but We cannot guarantee the security of our system. We also do not guarantee uninterrupted or secure access to our system, as the operation of our Site can be interrupted by numerous factors outside of our control.

19. General. This Agreement may not be modified, supplemented, qualified, or interpreted by any trade usage or prior course of dealing not made a part of the Agreement by its express terms. The invalidity or unenforceability of any provision of this Agreement shall not affect the validity of this Agreement as a whole and any such provision should be enforced by authorities, and reconstructed if need be, to apply to the maximum extent allowable under applicable law. The failure by CreateWeddingSite to enforce at any time any of the provisions of this Agreement, to exercise any election or option provided herein, or to require at any time the performance of the other of any of the provisions herein will not in any way be construed as a waiver of such provisions.

Create Wedding Site Privacy Policy

Updated: December 25, 2012

Your Privacy Rights


CreateWeddingSite. ("Company", "us" or "we") respects the privacy of the visitors to its Web site, createweddingsite.com ("Site"). This Privacy Policy is intended to inform you of our policies and practices regarding the collection, use and disclosure of Personal Information, Automatically Gathered Information" and "Anonymous Information" (each defined below) you submit to us or which we gather when you visit our Site. This Privacy Policy is hereby incorporated in our Terms of Use Agreement, and by registering for a User Account on the Site you accept the terms of this Privacy Policy. This Privacy Policy is effective as of December 25, 2012.

This Privacy Policy applies to ALL users, including those just visiting this Site ("Users").

"Personal Information" is information about you that is personally identifiable to you, like your name, address, email address or phone number, as well as other non-public information that is associated with the foregoing. "Automatically Gathered Information" is information we collect as you visit our site. See "Automatically Gathered Information" below for more information. "Anonymous Information" means information that is not associated with or linked to your Personal Information. See "Anonymous Information" below for more information.


By using the Site, you agree to the terms of this Privacy Policy, and you expressly consent to the processing of your Personal Information according to this Privacy Policy by us or by third parties with whom we have a relationship. Your Personal Information may be processed by CreateWeddingSite in the country where it was collected, as well as other countries where laws regarding processing of Personal Information may be less stringent than the laws in your country. In addition, in the event you contact CreateWeddingSite via telephone, you understand, acknowledge and agree that such phone conversations may be recorded.


We may update this Privacy Policy from time to time as our Services and Site change and expand. If we make changes to this Privacy Policy, we will post notice that this Privacy Policy has changed in the Home and Dashboard (Vendors) area of the Site. Unless otherwise provided, the revised terms will take effect when they are posted. Once any changes that we make to this Privacy Policy become effective, your continued use of the Site after such time will signify your acceptance of the new terms.



If you register with the Site, we collect and store Personal Information that specifically identifies you or the account you set up with Create Wedding Site (your "Account"). At this time, the most information you would be required to submit is your first name, last name, User ID, password, street address, city, state, postal code, country, phone number and email address. Other information requested on our Registration page is optional. We may, in the future, include other optional requests for information from you to help us tailor the Site for you and deliver personalized information to you. We may supplement Personal Information you provide us with additional information purchased from third parties for marketing purposes. In addition, if you add a vendor or provide a review of a new vendor, we will automatically add that vendor's information to our catalog (without any link back to you).


Use of portions of the Site requires you to establish a User ID and password. You agree that you will be responsible for maintaining your password as confidential and for any activity that occurs on your Account as a result of you sharing your password with another or failing to protect it. CreateWeddingSite is not responsible for any loss or damage arising from your failure to maintain the confidentiality of your password.

Online Surveys and Contests

Occasionally, CreateWeddingSite may conduct User surveys to collect information about our Users' preferences. These surveys are optional, and if you choose to respond, your responses will be kept anonymous. These surveys may be conducted by and processed through third parties. Similarly, we may offer contests to qualifying Users in which we ask for contact and demographic information such as name, email address and mailing address. Except with respect to any survey partners, none of the survey results are shared with third parties in a personally identifiable form. The demographic information that CreateWeddingSite collects in the registration process and through surveys may be used to help us improve our Services and Site to meet the needs and preferences of our Users. This may include targeting advertising to you about our Services and Site. Information we gather through a contest may also be disclosed to third parties as necessary for prize fulfillment and other aspects of any contest or similar offering.

Automatically Gathered Information

CreateWeddingSite automatically collects browser type and browser software version to tailor the presentation of the Site and the Services to the User's platform and to maintain a record of the User's activity on the Site. CreateWeddingSite uses cookies to enable Users to specify unique preferences and to track User trends and patterns. Users always have the option of disabling cookies via their browser preferences. If you disable cookies on your browser, please note that some parts of our Site may not function as effectively or may be considerably slower. As an automatic process, our Web server software records a log file of IP addresses that access the Site. We also collect IP address information but do not ordinarily link IP addresses to Users' Personal Information. However, we can and will use IP addresses to identify a User when we, in our sole discretion, determine that it is necessary to enforce compliance with our Terms of Use, Privacy Policy, or to protect our service, Site, customers, vendors, or others.

Email to Friends Feature and Referral Program

CreateWeddingSite lets you easily connect your Profiles to friends/affiliates via email. CreateWeddingSite also offers the ability to send friends/affiliates emails to CreateWeddingSite. If you choose to use either feature, we will use your email address to copy you on the message or to send on the email your behalf, and you hereby grant permission for such use. Public Information

As part of registration, you may set up a Profile describing yourself, your wedding (MyProfile) or your business (Storefront). This profile will be publicly available as a default. You will have the ability to hide Personal Information under your Profile Settings. Once you choose to hide your profile, it may take some time for the search engines (eg, Google, Yahoo, MSN, etc) to cycle out their cached search results which may temporarily contain your Personal Information. CreateWeddingSite does not have direct control over the timeliness of this process. CreateWeddingSite will not have any obligation under this Privacy Policy with respect to information in your Profile or information you voluntarily provide to other Users via the Site.


Registration Information

We use Personal Information for our own internal purposes, including contacting you via email to inform you about updates to our Services and providing you with information relating to e-commerce transactions that you conduct on the Site. We reserve the right to disclose your information as required by law. We do not rent or sell our individual Users' Personal Information to third parties. We do, however, provide you with the opportunity to receive newsletters via email. If you decide to opt in to receive newsletters, you may opt out of receiving these newsletters at any time. We also reserve the right to transfer your Personal Information as part of a transfer of all or part of CreateWeddingSite's assets to a buyer, as described in "Acquisition," below.

CreateWeddingSite Lead Gen - Deals, & Special Offers

In order to use CreateWeddingSite Lead Gen, you must first create a CreateWeddingSite account. CreateWeddingSite Lead Gen is designed for the benefit of Users to match service/product requests with service/product vendors. The information shared between Engaged Couples and Wedding Vendors is not used for any purpose other than to facilitate communication and the exchange of information between the parties involved. CreateWeddingSite reserves the right to monitor communications in order to verify compliance with our Privacy Policy, Terms of Use, international, federal or state laws and/or our other stated policies. By using CreateWeddingSite Lead Gen, you hereby grant CreateWeddingSite permission to disclose your personal information (including name, email address and phone number) to vendors matched to your service request. Once matched, vendors will have to purchase the lead in order to receive the contact information of the requestor. You agree not to use the disclosed information of other Users for any purpose other than providing the applicable services or resolving a dispute. CreateWeddingSite Lead Gen is a matching service and does not guarantee a successful transaction.

The CreateWeddingSite Community

This area of the Site is for the benefit of Users. It is a public discussion and communication forum whereby content (best practices, suggestions, etc.) is generated by the CreateWeddingSite Community. By your participation to this area of the Site, you acknowledge that the information posted will reside in the public domain and will be publicly available. From time to time CreateWeddingSite Staff may examine this content or other user behavior to confirm that the terms of service are not being breached and CreateWeddingSite may remove any content that is inappropriate in CreateWeddingSite's sole discretion. We strongly recommend that you refrain from posting in Personal Information in this forum, and you may not post the Personal Information of any other person on the forum. See our Terms of Use for more information.

The CreateWeddingSite Reviews System

The CreateWeddingSite Vendor Review system represents a central repository for ratings and reviews of wedding vendors by their customers (engaged couples or married couples). When you submit a review or a counter-review on the CreateWeddingSite Site, your CreateWeddingSite Profile information will be made available as part of the review posting. If you provide a review for a vendor that is not yet part of our catalog, or if you add a new vendor to your planning tools, we will use the information that you provide about the vendor to notify the vendor that a review has been completed and that we are adding the vendor to our catalog. We will also seek that vendor's greater involvement with our Site. Your Personal Information will NOT be made available or public as part of the Vendor Review Program as you have the option to hide your profile under a unique CreateWeddingSite Screenname.

CreateWeddingSite Vendor Catalog

The CreateWeddingSite Catalog provides a listing by sortable category/fields of participating CreateWeddingSite Vendors as well as a listing of local businesses. If a CreateWeddingSite Vendor is registered, the vendor's Storefront will be made available on the Catalog unless the vendor chooses to unregister from the Site.


We may send you email communications including information that we think may be of interest to you. You may opt out of receiving these email communications either when you register to become a Member or via the Preferences section of your Account settings. We do not send any of your Personal Information to our advertisers. You may see a cookie from a third-party banner server. This cookie comes from the third-party banner server, not CreateWeddingSite. Again, we do not pass along any Personal Information to this party. We use third-party advertising companies to serve ads when you visit our website. These companies may use information (not including your name, address, email address, or telephone number) about your visits to this and other websites in order to provide advertisements about goods and services of interest to you. If you would like more information about this practice and to know your choices about not having this information used by these companies please contact us. In addition, Google, as a third party vendor, uses cookies to serve ads on the Site. Google's use of the DART cookie enables it to serve ads based on the users visit to the Site and other sites on the Internet. Users may opt out of the use of the DART cookie by visiting the Google ad and content network privacy policy on Google's website.

Co-Branded or Partnered Services

CreateWeddingSite may enter into co-branding or partnering relationships with third-party Web sites and companies to provide products and Services to our Users or to such third parties' users. CreateWeddingSite may share your Personal Information, including User ID and password, with certain co-branded third-party service or product providers as required to provide a specific product or service that you request from a co-branded page or co-branded site. However, these third-party partners may not use this Personal Information for any reason

other than to provide the service or product that the User has explicitly signed up for.

If you join CreateWeddingSite through a co-branded or partnered site (e.g. on a co-branded Registration page), it is CreateWeddingSite's general policy not to share anything other than summarized or aggregated data with the partner; however, any Personal Information you provide on the co-branded Site may also be received by the co-brand partner that operates the co-branded site and could be stored and used by the co-brand partner according to its privacy policy. Please take the time to review these third-party privacy policies. CreateWeddingSite is not liable to you for any use of your Personal Information by a co-brand partner.

CreateWeddingSite's Contractors

To the extent necessary to provide you with the Services on the Site, we may provide your Personal Information to third party contractors who work on behalf of or with CreateWeddingSite to provide you with such Services, to help us communicate with you or to maintain the Site. However, these contractors do not have any independent right to share your Personal Information.

Legal Requests

CreateWeddingSite cooperates with all law enforcement inquiries, as well as other third parties to enforce laws, such as: intellectual property rights, fraud, theft, harassment and other rights. We can (and you authorize us to) disclose any information about you if we believe in good faith that such disclosure is necessary to (a) comply with relevant laws or to respond to subpoenas or warrants served on us; (b) protect or defend the rights or property of CreateWeddingSite or third parties; or (c) assist in any investigation.


Although we currently do not have a parent company, any subsidiaries, joint ventures or other companies under a common control (collectively, "Affiliates"), we may in the future. We may share some or all of your Personal Information with these Affiliates, in which case we will require our Affiliates to honor this Privacy Policy.


If our company or our assets related to the Site are acquired by another company, that company will possess the Personal Information collected by us and it will assume the rights and obligations regarding your Personal Information as described in this Privacy Policy. This Privacy Policy inures to the benefit of successors and assigns of CreateWeddingSite.

Anonymous Information We may create Anonymous Information records from Personal Information by excluding information (such as names) that makes the information personally identifiable to you. We may use this Anonymous Information to analyze inquiry, request and usage patterns so that we may enhance Services and the Site. We reserve the right to use and disclose Anonymous Information to third parties in our discretion. "Anonymous Information" means information that is not associated with or linked to your Personal Information; Anonymous Information does not permit the identification of individual persons. Comments Submitted by Users CreateWeddingSite constantly seeks to improve the quality of the services we provide and the User experience on the Site. We value your input and encourage you to help us expand and make improvements to the Site by providing us with any thoughts or comments you might have regarding our services or the operation of the Site. You can submit any comments you have to us by clicking on the link "Suggestions" at the bottom of most of the pages on the Site. The "Suggestions" page will already contain your login information due to the sign-in process. We will only use your login information to acknowledge or respond to your comments. Submitting comments via the "Suggestions" page will not cause you to receive any secondary or promotional material, unless specifically requested by you. All ideas, suggestions comments and proposals you send to CreateWeddingSite (collectively, "Submissions") are non-confidential and shall become the sole property of CreateWeddingSite. CreateWeddingSite shall own all rights therein, including all intellectual property rights. CreateWeddingSite shall be entitled to use and/or disseminate the Submissions in any manner and for any purpose whatsoever, commercial or otherwise, without compensation or credit to you. We will not identify you as the source of a suggestion or comment without your consent.


We will use commercially reasonable methods to keep Personal Information securely in our files and systems. Our Payment System is operated using secure Internet connections, using SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) encryption, to help protect your financial data. Please note that with current technology, we cannot guarantee the security of your data as it travels over the Internet.


CreateWeddingSite is not responsible for the privacy practices or the content of any other Web Sites to which the Site links or which link to the Site. When you click on a link you may be taken to a location on the Internet that is not part of the CreateWeddingSite Site. To check what Internet location you are on, note the URL at the top and/or bottom of your browser. We encourage you to read the posted privacy statement of that Web Site whenever interacting with any Web Site.


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We save your Personal Information until your membership with us is terminated and you unsubscribe to email notifications. To terminate your membership, contact Customer Service at care@CreateWeddingSite.com.. If you terminate your membership, your Personal/Profile Information cannot be recovered. You may continue to receive email communications for a short period of time until we have updated all of our databases. After termination of your membership, your Personal Information may remain on our archived database and records. Notwithstanding the above, we will maintain information on Users who have been removed for violating our Membership Agreement, and we will maintain email addresses in our unsubscribe lists. CORRECTING/UPDATING YOUR INFORMATION AND OPTING OUT

This Site gives the following options for changing and modifying information previously provided:

1. You may update your registration information using the MyAccount(Vendors)-Business Information page after you login to Site

2. This Site provides Users the opportunity to opt out of receiving promotional email communications from CreateWeddingSite through the MyAccounts area. However, you may not opt out of receiving administrative communications from CreateWeddingSite regarding the Services or the Site, except by terminating your membership. In addition, you may not opt out of CreateWeddingSite sending you legal notices related to the Services or the Site.

3. For other requests, please contact Customer Service at care@CreateWeddingSite.com.


If you have any questions about this Privacy Policy or the practices of this Site, you may contact Customer Service at care@CreateWeddingSite.com.